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Mark Hirsch
Attorney, President


Mark graduated cum laude from the MBA program at the University of California, and from the JD program at the University of Santa Clara. Mr. Hirsch has extensive finance employment experience with IBM and Sutro & Company. Mark represents business clients primarily in the sales and real estate industries, with a focus on business start-up and complex transactions. The firm's strategy, the practice of “proactive and preventative law,” focuses on the future of resource to provide the solid groundwork necessary for a well-developed plan and a risk reduced future.

Fremont Attorneys

Account Supervisor

Al Rios


Al graduated from California State University, San Jose with majors in Political Science and Business. After working as a Financial Analyst and Sales Manager he started his own equipment leasing company, which is still runs to this day. Mr. Rios currently manages many aspects of day-to-day operations at New Tech Law Group.

Real Estate Lawyer
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