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January 13, 2016: Choose Words Carefully in Dispute-Related Contract Clauses - "A couple of words here or there in a contract can make a huge difference, particularly when those words relate to what happens if there is a breach or some other dispute between the parties." (click article to read more).


September 5, 2014: There's More to Estate Planning Than Just a Will - "WILLS, health care directives, lists of passwords to online accounts. By now, most people know they should prepare these items — even if they haven’t yet — and make them available to trusted family members before the unthinkable, yet inevitable, happens." (click article to read more).


July 22, 2014: Estate Planning Is Not Just for the Rich and Famous - "It can be hard to get folks to to think about estate planning - especially the younger ones in the beginning stages of their careers..." (click article to read more)


July 1, 2014: Worry about your estate plan, not the taxes - "About 10 years ago, a politician asked us to find an example of a family farm in the area that had been financially wiped out because of the federal estate tax (or 'death tax' as he called it)..." (click article to read more)


July 1, 2014: Amazon sues former employee for taking Google cloud job, in new test of non-compete deals - "Amazon is suing a former Amazon Web Services strategic partnership mannager, Zoltan Szabadi, alleging that his new job at Google Cloud Platform violates the terms of a non-compete agreement that he signed when he originally joined Amazon..." (click article to read more)


June 30, 2014: California sees limited change for workers after birth-control ruling - "State insurance officials predict that only a modest number of Californians will be affected by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on birth-control coverage because of state law and other factors..." (click article to read more)


June 27, 2014: Man's mistake cost his children $400,000 of an IRA inheritance - "Before Leonard Smith lost his battle with cancer in 2008, he worked with his financial advisors and attorneys to make sure his children receive the balance of his retirement funds when he died..." (click article to read more)


March 17, 2014: Cleanup of Silicon Valley Superfund site takes environmental toll -  Below some of the world's most expensive real estate, in the heart of Silicon Valley, pipes and pumps suck thousands of gallons of contaminated water every hour from vast underground toxic pools..." (click article to read more) 

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